In this article, I will touch on the topic of hairstyles for tall ladies, which will help them visually become lower and more feminine.

According to the popular opinion, all you need to look at when choosing a haircut is the features of the face. Of course, it is necessary to look at the face. On the other hand, there are other features that are important in order to choose the haircut that best suits a woman.

Specialists hairdressers know that for the right choice of hairstyle you need to know the length and thickness of a woman’s neck, her height and physique. With the right approach can turn out a truly magnificent image, emphasizing and highlighting the advantages, hiding flaws, including those related to the figure.

For tall ladies, it is recommended to choose a medium length haircut, not more than to the chin and shoulders. This hair can choose the most attractive hairstyle, haircut and styling, suitable for a tall woman.

Attention! A tall woman should not have an excessively short haircut at all. This is a sure way to make the head visually much bigger and the shoulders smaller. This will lead to a ridiculous and inharmonious image.

Cascading haircuts

Cascade to the shoulders is good for a tall height. Such a haircut will make the hair more voluminous, thereby visually hiding the growth. Also, this is a way to maximize the attractiveness, not too much shortening of the long hair.

If we leave the hair loose, they will visually add growth and elongate the face, which is not the best way to look.

A slanting bang, smoothly descending to the main length, will do. Those who have a high forehead should wear thick, straight bangs.

Flattering Hairstyles For Tall Girls


If you do not want to shorten long hair, you can gently curl it with large curls.

So you can also make the hair more voluminous, distracting attention from the high growth. More curls will give the image of femininity and romance.

Curly bob

This haircut is perfectly suitable for women, who were given curly and wavy hair by nature herself.

It should not go below the shoulders! But the length to the shoulders will look flawless.

Attention! A high lady should not make a styling with a comb or a puffy high hairstyle: both options will still increase the visual growth by a couple of centimetres.

Asymmetrical haircuts based on a bob and a square-cut.

Universal haircuts kare and bob to the shoulders and with an asymmetrical cut will suit even the owner of straight curls.

To her, such a haircut visually quite reduce the growth, and also give style and modernity to the image.


Haircut “Sheggy”, she is a creative mess, perfectly suits a tall lady.

The main thing is to accentuate the volume not on the crown, but on the temples or chin.

In a word, when choosing a haircut it is necessary to consider not only the features of the face, but also the height, figure and shape of the neck.