Ladies with oval face shape never face difficulties when searching for a suitable cut – they can do any haircut they want to and always look good. However, it’s much harder to find a perfect cut for women with round face shape. Ladies with such face shape have to choose a cut which will hide fullness and make the face look longer, that’s exactly why most girls believe they should avoid doing shortcuts. There is no need to avoid shortcuts if you have a round face, you just have to know which one you should choose and what aspects you need to take into account when selecting a shortcut.

Long Pixie Cut For Round Face: The Right Choice

Here are a few recommendations for girls who are willing to cut pixie:

1. Add volume to hair roots

It’s essential to add volume to hair roots, such a way it will be possible for you to make your face look longer and thinner. Stylists suggest combining the cut with the proper styling (for example, combing). It will make your image edgy and draw attention away from round cheeks.

2. Asymmetry

Give preference to asymmetrical pixie which will help you easily create the desired image and hide fullness. Asymmetrical pixie with side bangs is an excellent choice for ladies with round face shape.

3. A few things to avoid

Avoid cutting long straight bangs and curling strands of hair too much – tight small curls are not suitable for your face shape. Extra short pixie won’t also make you look good, however, a pixie with the shaved side is just a catch for ladies with round faces.

4. Long side bangs

Long asymmetrical side bangs will make it possible for you to hide fullness of cheeks and make your face look narrower. Pixie bob is another cut it’s worth paying attention to – it’s just a godsend for women with round faces.

5. Grunge hairstyle

Choosing grunge pixie cut, you become able to create an eye-catching, unforgettable, edgy look which will make it possible for you to make your face thinner. Don’t forget to do an asymmetric part or comb your hair in order to add volume to the roots.

Pixie looks great on both short and long hair. Long pixie cut for round face gains in popularity with ladies from across the world; such cut lets them make their face look longer and narrower as well as makes it possible for them to create a stylish image.